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Using Cinephonix music is simple and straightforward

This help section focuses on how to use Cinephonix music in your production. We outline how to make the best use of our powerful music search tools, provide information on our simple licensing and details of how to quickly set up your own free account and start using music today.

Browse our list of topics on the right of this page. Topics are broadly split into three key categories: 

Using Cinephonix MusicOur Licensing - How It WorksManaging Your User Account
Also check out our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

The Knowledge Base

For a more general guide to the production music business, see our Knowledge Base. Our knowledge base provides an overview of the music business, explains the basis of common terminology used in the business and gives you an insight into the key players, organisations and companies that make up one of the worlds biggest businesses: music. Our simplified guides will help you to quickly get a grasp of the business, which will help you to make an informed decision of how to best go about using music in your next project. 

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